Once i place an order how long will it take to arrive in the post?

Once you have placed an order it will take up to 28 'working days' for your item to be handmade from scratch, tested, boxed and then dispatched in the post by Royal Mail 2nd class recorded delivery, unless the product is already in stock in which it will be shipped the next working day. Our shipping day is also on Tuesdays as this saves a lot of time and travelling to the local postal office everyday which is about 4 miles away from our workshop. All orders are shipped by Royal Mail 2nd class recorded delivery which is trackable. Normally items are received within 2 working days within the UK mainland. For EU orders please allow up to 3-5 days for delivery & worldwide 7-14 days. Items can be tracked by Royal Mail using the tracking number sent to you by email, once your order has shipped


Can I use a PSU as well as batteries?

Yes. Most Brantone pedals can use either a PP3 9v battery or a standard boss style negative centre 'fully isolated' and regulated power supply unless specified. I highly recommend using a zinc chloride or Alkaline batteries for all pedals.

Rectifing noise or hum problems:

Noise comes from a variety of sources with often poor connections or cheap cables being the main culprit. Using the wrong type of power source also lets noise in & all electronic circuits create their own internal noise. If your pedal board exceeds 10 pedals.... wowsers.... that's a lot of stuff going on that could be causing it. Although adding a good quality buffer will keep your signal strong with output, unwanted noise and hum from cheap cables and PSU's can be very annoying. Daisy chaining effects also has a bad habit of causing unwanted hum and noise. Make sure your guitar cables & power source are the best quality you can buy. Personally I would recommend Walrus Audio or True-tone PSU's, as I have heard these are great. Batteries put out an even DC voltage so using them you should have little or no noise. The common wall warts and other power supplies take the AC voltage and convert it to DC and filter it to smooth it out. All AC to DC supplies will have a "ripple voltage" and depending on the level of that, will cause noise and hum. Trying to save money on a power supply by going cheap is a no go area where pedals are concerned. Installing a cheap DC supply can result in massive hum and also daisy chaining from one to another. Having invested in some quality pedals don't cut corners by using a cheap PSU, it just isn't worth it, go buy one that will last you years and make sure it does what it says on the tin, fully isolated and regulated.

Are there any instructions that comes with my pedal?

No, not in the box it comes shipped in. We are green friendly here at Brantone and use recycled boxes for packing and we offer all user manual available to view & download in PDF format. The manuals cover basic operating instructions and how to get the very best from your pedal.

Is there any guarantee with my pedal?

Well of course. I make sure every unit is built to last a lifetime of use and thoroughly tested twice through before shipping out and I offer a lifetime warranty to the original named purchaser. This includes all parts and components (with the noted exception of knobs and footswitches), but does not include paint or finishing, any damage caused by misuse, lost knobs, or the use of an incorrect power supply. All warranty repairs will be subject to a routine inspection upon arrival in the workshop and I will contact you if there are any issues that prevent me from fixing it under warranty. What this means is that if you use the pedal in the way it is intended to be used and something goes wrong, I will fix it free of charge no problemo (though you will need to pay the cost to post it back to me). If you plug it directly into the mains supply, run it over with your car, use it as a cricket ball or give it a bathing in lager or otherwise mistreat or abuse it, then your warranty is null and void. Your warranty is void if the pedal has been modified or tampered with in any way... hence the Electro-lube anti-tamper dye visible inside... sorry i know it's weird but old MOD habits die hard. Please contact me through the contact form before sending anything for repair....and I always recommend to be on the safe side of things posting by recorded or special delivery - I can't be held liable for anything you send to me that doesn't arrive.


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