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The ONLY UK stockist for Brantone Electronics is Break The Machine.

Andy stocks only the best brands of guitar effects and if i'm out of stock on certain models then the chances are that Andy has got one or two in stock ready to ship.


Old friend and fellow guitarist Tim Petherick's 

aim is to provide the most transparent sampled Acustica Audio Nebula pro programs on the market.

All libraries are sampled using mastering quality converters, using a method which takes considerably more time than the normal sampling standard. This method is of benefit to the entire audio spectrum. Most libraries contain  Four ready sample rates, this avoids any negative SRC artifacts when matching with project sample rates, and helps project loading times.

The best in the business. John Chambers has carried out a comprehensive repair, modification, and restoration service for all makes of valve amplification, including both musical instrument amplifiers and Hi-Fi audio equipment for over 30 years. During that time he has acquired a specialised experience of vintage British guitar amps, plus a special passion for the old Italian Geloso Audio Units.

John Chambers is the man behind Champ Electronics. He has been designing, building, and repairing amplification equipment since 1964. The purpose of this site is to demonstrate the experience and expertise that John has acquired since those early days as a schoolboy when he built his first guitar amplifier, right up to the present period of Champ Electronics when, as his main interest even in retirement, John is still carrying out repairs and restorations work to the great benefit of the vintage amplifier enthusiast. 


Vintage & Rare guitars. 

Their friendly and relaxed shop in Bath (UK) – open Tuesday to Saturday from 10:30AM until 5:30PM – welcomes fellow guitar lovers and gives access to some of the very best guitars, amplifiers and effects available anywhere in the world.

They are specialists in vintage and rare guitars, from investment pieces to gigging instruments, with expert knowledge and experience to share with musicians and collectors alike. Working directly with highly skilled luthiers and technicians, our guitars come beautifully set up, fully serviced and are ready to play at their best.

They offer worldwide shipping and use the best couriers. Our instruments are fully insured and carefully packed by us before being dispatched.


The Captain!!....As a guitarist and performing musician Andy knows how important it is to have an instrument that responds to the touch. There is nothing worse than something that is difficult to play or has some other fault which gets in the way of the music...all very frustrating ! 

Below is a list of just some of the services available for all fretted, and most unfretted instruments, including the Banjo, Mandoline, Ukulele and even the Balalaika and Sitar.


  • Set-up - All necessary adjustments inc. Nut Action, Intonation, Saddle Heights, Truss Rod, Oil the Fingerboard and Polish the Frets, and Service the Electrics where necessary.

  • Fretstone and Set up - Level and Reprofile the Frets etc.

  • Restringing 

  • Refrets

  • New Nuts and Saddles (mostly in bone, but vegetarians can be catered for)

  • New Necks and/or Bodies

  • Electric and Acoustic Guitar Pick-ups fitted

  • Electrical repairs

  • Broken Necks (guitars that is)

  • Refinishing

  • Pick-up rewinds

  • Custom scratch plates

  • Inlay work

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