How we started

Welcome to Brantone electronics where analogue circuitry is paramount.

Brantone is a brand of guitar effect pedals based in North Devon, England, owned and operated by myself, Jon Sharp, an apprentice trained electro-mechanical engineer & semi-professional musician for over 25 years.

My small but ever growing product range of pedals I offer are 100% analogue & hand made, one at a time in my workshop and individually signed & serial numbered. It’s a job I have loved doing for many years and very passionate about. My product range stems from a love of old retro 60's designs combined with new circuits I have developed which have been tweaked for the ultimate sonic qualities possible, using scarce and sometimes virtually impossible to obtain components. I have been making fuzz boxes, pedal boards, rack mount studio devices, overdrives, boosters, one-offs for friends and musicians in the music biz since the mid/late 1990's to the very best of my ability and skillset.

Brantone electronics tonemaster mk2

Why Brantone?


It's all about bringing the old tried & tested methods bang up-to-date with new technology & style together combined. All circuits are made using old-school PTP tag-strip, fiber-board or Veroboard assembly, which are compact, reliable and come with a lifetime guarantee to the original purchaser. Many hours of prototyping and tweaking each type of pedal circuit has been undertaken to ensure they give the best tones and sonic capabilities possible and carefully tuned by 'ear'. Each and every pedal is individually built by hand, one at a time in small batches of five units, this is why there is normally a 28 day wait from ordering a pedal when not already in stock. Sure It takes time to build them, and i would rather take my time doing it 100% right, than to rush the job in hand which I'm not about. 

The quality of components, build & assembly are paramount second to none, and i'm very meticulous about everything I do. There's no digital stuff going on here, just good old analogue electronics at its best and 100% British made.

I use a mix of scarce Germanium and Silicon transistors when I can source them, which are especially selected, matched & tested for leakage & gain. All cast alloy enclosures are individually powder coated by me to a good standard and durable enough to give the owner years of trouble free use. Every pedal I make undergoes final testing and are then boxed ready for shipping with eco-friendly biodegradable recycled cardboard. With a previous MOD/Aerospace electronic background, mechanical engineering, gigging out, a love of analogue related devices and addiction to tone, i'm always prototyping and making the best pedals I can at affordable prices for the working class musician. Please feel free to fire me over a message with any questions or custom order in mind that you might have. JS.

"Hi John, this is David from the USA. Hey, I wanted to let you know I received your Goldie fuzz yesterday. Great quality build my friend, love the Mullard OC75's. I plugged in one of my Les Paul's into my Marshall Class5 and WOW, it is absolutely amazing!! Way cooler than my old Marshall Blues Breaker pedal. Then I plugged it into my old 68' Fender Vibro Champ amp with my main Telecaster, and it was everything I have been searching for, for years!!!! Soooo Cooool! Spot on early Beck, and just nailed that early Page tone, which is what I was after. Makes my little amp sound like it's going to blow up. Just can't believe the awesome tone, it is such a wonderful gritty tube overload sound. I like the way I can also vary the sounds by playing with the controls on the FX box in conjunction with the guitar controls. I appreciate you sending me one, and I think it is really cool you signed and numbered it also. I thought you might like to know how much I love your pedal, and that it went to a good home in the States.   Thank You So Much!" - David Scott

"Hey John, thanks for the Tweed Overdrive, this thing rocks and beats all my other overdrive pedals hands down. Whatever you've made here is something i've never quite heard before. The amp modelling and the smoothness and dynamics of this pedal is just incredible. It's like a match made in heaven with my les paul junior & telecaster. Thanks so much for making such a masterpiece. Great looking pedal too. Sure to become a classic in the future, with kind regards" - Dean Taylor

Just wanted to say thanks! I got the Tonemaster Mk1.5 (Sn.027) really fast - and have been playing around with it ever since! It has a great clear tone - my previous MK2 from another company is really muddy in comparison and this one kicks it way off! I think this will give me a great new 'benchmark' for my distorted sounds (Having come back to Fuzz after many years!) Thank you - Roger Carr


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